The Alturos Theatre Optimisation Method (ATOM)

About ATOM: Over the last 5 years Alturos Ltd, in conjunction with NHS surgeons and operational staff, has developed a unique non-IT scientific method for transforming theatre performance through highly effective scheduling of operating lists. The method is unique for three key reasons: ATOM uses existing Trust data to predict a minimum level of return […]

Culture Change and Culture Audit

Background Alturos Ltd is a management consultancy that delivers sustainable improvement solutions for clients. Alturos is not an academic consultancy, yet staff and associates have a blend of practitioner and academic knowledge that provides sound, evidence-based solutions for clients. A significant part of the business coaches client staff in continuous improvement (CI), which engenders staff […]

Ambulance Trust Developing Continuous Improvement Capability To Tackle Challenging Times

Fun and interactivity is a key ingredient… Great fun working with first-line managers at an Ambulance Trust for two of our Continuous Improvement workshops. We make them fun for delegates so that they enjoy themselves and retain more knowledge. Not like the training workshops I attended as a delegate years ago when you were in […]