Training Programmes


Training ProgrammesIntroduction to Continuous Improvement (CI)

  • Continuous improvement methods, similarities and differences;
  • Brief history of CI;
  • Systems thinking;
  • The people side of CI;
  • Developing your improvement project;
  • Practical simulations to support CI thinking.

Format: one-day interactive workshop with mini-group work.
Applicable for: staff at all levels (operational to board), as workshop content is flexed to suit.


Mentored Continuous Improvement Programme – with money back guarantee!

  • 2 + 2 days intermediate+ level training programme in continuous improvement methods and application;
  • Each delegate has individual, work-based improvement project, which s/he develops and implements during programme;
  • One or more improvement projects implemented during programme, led by Alturos specialist, to teach practical application of knowledge;
  • Delegates mentored in their own improvement projects through life of programme;
  • Delegates graduate upon successful completion of improvement project;
  • Improvements will meet or exceed programme cost – money back guarantee.

Applicable for: Cohort of between 8 and 12 delegates. Staff who are, or will be responsible for improvement projects. Cohorts typically comprise of staff from similar organisational level: e.g. middle-manager group or SMT group.


Introduction to Six Sigma

  • Brief history and context of Six Sigma;
  • Working with ideas – issues, problems, opportunities;
  • Using DMAIC;
  • Using VOC to inform improvement direction;
  • Data collection methods and sources;
  • Variation analysis;
  • Selection and testing – descriptive statistics, identifying and verifying causes

Format: one-day workshop, with interactive worked examples.
Applicable for: staff who have working knowledge of continuous improvement / Lean and who need to understand solutions to the more complex improvement challenges.

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Six Sigma programmes

  • This is the only Six Sigma course in the UK that is designed for the Healthcare sector and delivered by a Six Sigma Master Black Belt with hands on experience through improvement roles in industry and the NHS.
  • The NHS overall has not applied Six Sigma to any significant extent. This means further improvements and savings remain to be unlocked using the method.
  • Delegates apply their learning. The course is built around each participant’s own work based project; ensuring return on investment and avoiding learning ‘fading’ shortly after class room sessions.
  • Taking the Principles of Six Sigma, and applying them to healthcare allows problems of a more complex nature to be understood.
  • The course combines one on one coaching with practical application and tutorial to maximise outcomes. Clinical and non-clinical examples of Six Sigma application are used throughout the course.

What it covers:

  • The course develops the PDSA framework that many NHS teams are familiar with and have worked with, through Lean and other approaches, into a more detailed improvement cycle designed to allow for the understanding of processes in a precise and scientific way.
  • The 5 Key Steps Six Sigma “Breakthrough” Strategy (DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control, Define). How to apply the DMAIC cycle to make changes in a controlled manner and to understand the exact impact each change makes to a process.
  • Using Six Sigma to unlock further improvements and saving from existing and past improvement projects.

Format: Programmes spread over 3 to 6-months, to suit pace of sponsoring organisation.
Applicable for: staff who have practical implementation skills and experience with CI / Lean and who need to be able to design and/or implement solutions to more complex improvement challenges.


Introduction to Organisational Culture

  • Organisational culture discussed and defined;
  • Evolution of organisational culture thinking and practice;
  • How to change organisational culture;
  • Creating a culture change plan;
  • Interactive discussion, mini-group work and case studies (1-day).

Format: half-day overview version and 1-day version with further, practical culture-changing group exercises.
Applicable for: Board-level and other senior managers who want a common understanding of organisational culture and how to change it.

Cultural Architects Programme

  • 1-day organisational culture training workshop;
  • 1-day organisational culture assessment training workshop;
  • Half-day organisational culture change workshop;
  • Organisational culture assessment*
  • 1-day organisational culture change planning workshop;
  • Culture change mentoring and implementation support.

Format: Culture changing programme utilising ‘trained agents’ from the host organisation.
Applicable for: a cohort of senior managers who are empowered by the Board to lead a culture change programme. Delegates from most departments (e.g. HR, OD, Finance, Operations) work as a team, supported by Alturos culture specialists, to assess, then shift the organisational culture.