Lean In Healthcare

Operating Theatre and Operating Room Efficiency Utilisation and ProductivityAlturos Ltd specialises in helping you make sure Lean is applied in your organisation authentically, correctly and in a sustainable way. We have experience of doing so in almost every aspect of Acute, Mental Health and Primary Care settings. Click here for sample case studies.

Alturos Ltd has been translating Lean into the healthcare context for the NHS and others for long enough to see it fall in and out of favour and back again. One thing that remains constant though is the relevance of its principles to healthcare. It’s accessibility for staff at all levels, the patient centred mind-set at its core and it’s potential to unlock significant improvements against all typical KPIs make it a powerful approach.

Our experience shows that Lean in Healthcare has gone through the phases it has for many reasons, ranging from suppliers and buyers of Lean support underestimating the level of translation needed to make it work in healthcare, to leaders often giving little or no importance to it as it is rolled out beneath them.

Lean can be effective in single areas. It can be transformational and immensely beneficial when underpinned and supported by the right factors.

Here is a sample of how we can help:

  1. Lean training. ‘Learning by doing’ programmes for all levels, from newcomers to Lean to experienced practitioners looking to further their skills;
  2. Pathway redesign – both within your organisation’s own boundaries and across multiple stakeholder organisations;
  3. Organisation wide Lean programme design, PMO set-up and management and dashboard development;
  4. Lean leadership programmes; from Board level introductory webinars and workshops to full transformational programmes in which leaders lead projects with teams.