ATOM® Theatre Scheduling

ATOM for Operating Theatre Scheduling

The fastest most reliable way to get over 10% more out of operating theatres

Improving the Theatre Scheduling process and calculating scientifically accurate procedure scheduling times is where we typically start when supporting our clients in unlocking Operating Theatre capacity.

The way our proven ATOM® method does this is unique, sustainable and requires a fraction of the investment demanded by all other methods we have encountered in our 9 years of working in the healthcare sector.

The results are significant with an average of 13% increase in utilisation and recurrent savings of between £250,000 and £1,000,000 per specialty. The improvements go beyond that too, with reductions in underruns and overruns, increases in staff morale and patient satisfaction.
In the context of the wider perioperative care pathway ATOM® scheduling enables more accurate planning and timetabling and significantly reduces pressures associated with key targets such as 18 weeks (UK).

The success of ATOM® and the positive client feedback it has generated is particularly attributed to our approach to clinical engagement. ATOM® engages Surgeons in the improvement process and in a way that truly involves and consults them rather than dictating to them. We facilitate an improvement journey that is structured, reliable, accounts for all points of view and is built around evidence, not anecdote.

How it begins for clients:

For most client’s things begin with an exploratory meeting, free improvement assessment and presentations of findings to a multi-functional group comprising clinical and non-clinical professionals.
Theatres are a complex environment and our clients need to be sure we know what we’re doing. They also need to know any investment made in ATOM® support is safe and will generate significant benefits and financial returns that justify that investment.

These are among key reasons why we conduct ourselves in an open, transparent way and have a robust upfront process to identify and guarantee a level of outcomes for clients – BEFORE any commercial arrangement is made.

Some clients engage with us purely on the strength of our reputation and our years of experience, others prefer to take references and have us do some initial work at no cost. Our clients’ needs vary and we fully understand that. What doesn’t vary is our commitment to making ATOM® the best and most fruitful improvement experience in Theatre Scheduling and improvement they have ever had from any consultancy of any type or size.