What is ATOM?

Alturos Theatre Optimisation Method (ATOM)

ATOM is a set of approaches that can be selected and applied to improve operating theatre productivity and much more within both the public and private healthcare sectors. Developed by practitioners of Process Improvement in healthcare, it has a strong track record of delivering positive results for patients, staff and hospital finances.

The Alturos Ltd team that designed ATOM comprises both healthcare and Continuous Improvement specialists and a specialist in organisational culture, therefore avoiding the “one size fits all” trap. This same team works onsite with hospitals to support ATOM’s application and its continuous evolution.

ATOM’s approach is based on evidence and follows a logical framework that we use to coach and support staff at all levels and functions. Its aims are:

  1. To embed advanced improvement techniques which really work and make them easy to understand by all healthcare staff
  1. To tailor the specific elements of improvement that any one organisation may benefit from; avoiding imposing unnecessary support that is not required. Not oversimplifying environments known to be complex – the operating theatre and perioperative care pathway
  1. To focus on supporting staff throughout the change process and on measurement of progress rather than just prediction and report writing

ATOM is successful as it takes into account the complex and numerous variances within the acute healthcare sector. It produces measurable results that greatly outweigh the ethical level of investment we ask of clients. In particular it focuses on the following:

  1. Using evidence, science and data for problem solving
  1. Speaking the “language” of surgeons by using appropriate methods and specialist knowledge to which they can relate and many have been exposed to in their surgical training
  1. Communicating with staff groups using methods and styles which are the most appropriate for them
  1. Treating all perspectives as valid until proven otherwise, using evidence
  1. Transparency and measurement of progress and outcomes that satisfy all parties

ATOM has a series of elements, similar to The Periodic Table, each of which focuses on a key part of the operating theatre “system”.

Alturos works with its clients to identify which elements require attention and to what degree. This ensures the best use of resources and maximum benefits.