Alturos in the Healthcare Sector

NHS and Healthcare - Operating Theatre and Operating Room Efficiency Utilisation and Productivity

Facing Change with our Support

Let’s talk about healthcare, in particular the NHS. Our healthcare sector is quite extraordinary – unique, if you think about it. Open to all regardless of age, background, gender or race. Free at the point of delivery. The NHS saves hundreds of lives every day, safely bringing new life in to the world and helping those near the end of their lives to die with dignity. We are proud of it and so we should be.

There are significant challenges, however. As the biggest employer by far within the UK, the NHS has not been without its problems, with variation in the quality of care across the country featuring regularly in our newspaper headlines. We have high expectations of the NHS and occasionally it fails to deliver.

The principal challenges facing the NHS are our ageing population and/or the treatment of those with long-term conditions – heart disease and diabetes, for example. Nearly two thirds of people admitted to hospital are over 65, with patients who experience more than one long-term condition accounting for £7 out of every £10 spent on healthcare in England (Department of Health, 2012 “Long Term Conditions Compendium”)

How Do These Future Trends Affect Your Organisation?

We understand that your organisation may be facing both rising treatment costs whilst at the same time be under considerable pressure to make cost and efficiency savings. And, you may be experiencing the expectations of a public who anticipate excellent customer service. Doing things differently and maintaining the changes needed to meet your goals and objectives will be the way forward.

How Can Alturos Help?

We understand the culture of  healthcare  and how best to support your needs.  We strive to effect change, leading to transformation within the the NHS and the healthcare sector.  We’ve worked with a great many organisations across a wide variety of functions and departments, delivering cost and efficiency savings in line with our customers’ objectives. In fact, we’ve more often than not exceeded them.

The team at Alturos knows that an organisation is as good as the people who work within it. We combine our skills to deliver Continuous Improvement coaching with scientifically proven methods and techniques (the “softer” side combined with “business”) to make a sustained difference.

Your organisation may need to embrace change in order to meet future challenges. Are you ready? Contact us to find out more.