Our Values

Staff Engagement in Change and ImprovementAlturos: Our Values

An organisation’s values are at the core of what makes it unique. Alturos espouses a powerful set of values that underpin everything we do and which, we think, have made us one of the top Continuous Improvement specialist coaching organisations in the UK.

Our Integrity

Our integrity and honesty are the foundations on which we continue to build our client base and run our business. During our engagement, we’ll manage your expectations, offer an honest assessment of our findings and keep you appraised at agreed stages during the change process.

Importantly, however, we’ll let you know what’s achievable within your organisation – and what’s not. If your objectives or goals can’t wholly be reached we’ll explain why and offer our best alternative solution.

Our Quality Service Offering

Together with integrity, we deliver on quality. Don’t just take our word for it, our clients think so too and we’re delighted to have some powerful client testimonials.

We combine our detailed sector knowledge with an ability to implement scientific, evidence based methods and coaching skills. Alturos has an in depth understanding of how best to effect the changes needed to reach your organisational objectives. Moreover, we have a proven 100% success rate. Contact us to find out more.

A Measured Return on Investment

The financial impact of inefficiency within the healthcare sector ultimately affects us all. Its historical development and sheer size contributes to its complex structure, making transparency and accountability a challenge.

Alturos will quantify, define and measure your progress against plan, ultimately demonstrating beyond doubt your return investment. We’ll establish what “better” looks like in real terms and we’ll provide an agreed and accurate assessment of what we’ve achieved in actual. Meaningful structural change to optimise staff performance will enable your organisation to face the future with confidence.