How We Work

Staff engagement in change and improvementAlthough we may appear to be management consultants, we like to make things as simple as possible!

Although every project is different, our customers share a common goal: they’re ready to embrace change, to do things differently and improve efficiency thus saving time and money and improving the quality of the service they offer to their end users. Here’s how we support our clients:


Fact finding, questions, observation and analysis. The first stage of any engagement will be to identify your challenges. Are tasks being duplicated? How effective is the co-ordination and communication between departments? What skills gaps are there?

We’ll examine the patient’s entire journey through your organisation, or perhaps a particular department, from initial contact through to after-care; we’ll look at how well the functions within your organisation support the patient and the staff who undertake the processes – with their agreement, of course.

Data and Reporting

The results are shared with appropriate staff so that they are fully involved in the process. With our support, they’ll decide what needs to change, how to achieve it and who’s going to be involved. We’ll work together to agree where you are now, what your goals are and importantly, how you’ll get there.

Our recommendations are based on solid evidence; you will be guided through realistic cost savings, resource improvements and other ways to streamline your processes; we’ll prove to you that our solutions work with powerful supporting data.

Building Trust with Consensual Engagement

We’re aware that we need cross-functional agreement to effect what may be significant change so we engage with surgeons, directors, consultants and any operational-level staff, working with them in close, mutual and respectful partnership.

Re-Alignment of Resources

We support you through the introduction of new or different processes – a transition to a more efficient way of working that’s better for patients and staff, for example. We not only create a workable project plan but we support you in its implementation.

Coaching, Training and Development

Our tailored coaching and performance and cost improvement programmes make a long term, sustainable difference to your organisation’s efficiency. At Alturos our coaches’ skills focus on empowering staff to make their own changes. The results? Increased motivation and morale to raise productivity and reduce staff turnover.

Our consultants, specialists or coaches will come back to you at six and twelve month intervals and after the initial changes, we’ll document the sustained skills after the required changes have been evaluated and confirmed.

Return on Investment

At Alturos, we’re committed to quality, therefore our success criteria are established with you early on. We measure the required changes and how they align to the targets and objectives that you set with us – we’re able to demonstrate them, too.

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