What is Continuous Improvement?

Staff Engagement in Change and ImprovementAlturos is proud to be a specialist in Continuous Improvement techniques and we’re delighted to have a 100% satisfied customer base who say nice things about us! Have a look at our client testimonials.

We’re keen to avoid jargon of course, so we thought we’d describe and define the process of Continuous Improvement (CI) for you, explaining how it works and why it can benefit your organisation.

Continuous Improvement is simple to define: it’s the ongoing effort to enhance processes, services or products, either over a period of time but sometimes as a single one-off improvement, with work then implemented to sustain the new changes.

Meeting organisational goals is achieved through employee performance as well as the way that people do things, therefore changing behaviour and processes will lead to the required result.

This simple definition belies the skill and experience required to address most human beings’ perfectly natural resistance to change. Indeed, the effects of CI can bring about radical changes. It is our role at Alturos to ensure that the new processes and behaviours that we achieve for our clients remain aligned to their goals and objectives.

How CI Works: A Brief Description

No CI programme will work without measurement, therefore knowing an organisation’s critical success factors is vital.

After commitment to change, research and analysis is carried out to discover the cause of any issues, with all findings documented. With client agreement, solutions to accomplish improvements are implemented, with all processes documented and tested for effectiveness. Good quality CI experts know how to overcome resistance to change, with Alturos’ coaching specialists delivering first class behavioural changes and developmental skills to support a client’s goals.

Once changes have been put in place, controls are implemented to hold the new levels of performance. In our case, we work on effective sustainment programmes that embed new skills and processes as seamlessly as possible.

What are the Benefits of Continuous Improvement?

All tangible benefits should focus on decreasing or increasing something, so effective Continuous Improvement is about making things better: costs, productivity, delivery, responsiveness, patient and employee satisfaction – across the board, in fact.

Moreover, CI supports the achievement of goals and objectives: changes made to reach where you need to be. It’s powerful and it works so contact us to find out more.