Why Alturos

Staff Engagement in Change and ImprovementOur healthcare expertise

Alturos delivers high quality services and measurable results across a wide variety of sectors. We specialise within healthcare, however and we really understand how it works: the highs and lows of delivering patient care and the challenges facing those who deliver them. The healthcare sector is complex, constantly up against the need to make efficiencies and cost savings.
Healthcare service providers are subject to strict guidelines, with the public sector being obliged to be accountable, transparent and of course, value for money. Executives are under pressure to save money and increase productivity, without compromising on quality.

We know how the healthcare sector works. Our experience and success in delivering Continuous Improvement and Sustainable Imrpovement programmes within the NHS is, we believe, second to none.

Our Analysis Skills

We will work with you to analyse the challenges facing your organisation, using innovative techniques specifically to reflect the issues at hand. We will use your existing data and we’ll decipher it from a new perspective: one that empowers staff more readily to envisage the changes that need to be made and be willing to own them. It really works.

Alturos may focus on issues such as quality, cost, flow and lead times, or we may establish where improvements could be made in productivity or the experience of customers, patients and staff.

We’ll define realities, too. What does “poor” or “unacceptable” mean, for example? What does “better” look like? Your return on investment is important, so these definitions will be carefully established, managed…and measured.

Our Respectful Approach

Building trust is vital; reading body language and the ability to deal with people at all levels has been the key to our success as a business. We hesitate to say that we are “people people” but well, that’s what we are and it sets us apart from our competitors.
We recognise that the human factor is at the heart of any organisation so we pride ourselves on our interpersonal skills.
We’ll treat all employees, whatever their function within your organisation, with the respect they deserve.

Our Effectiveness in the Long Term

We never walk away from a completed project.

To be effective, change must be permanent, so we’ll engage senior managers in the Continuous Improvement process and empower staff at all levels to “own” and accelerate the changes needed.

We identify individuals as Change Agents who, with their agreement, will be invited to work with us to implement department-wide behavioural or procedural change. We’ll encourage them to take on the task of continuing the “good work” upon its official completion.

However, given that people are creatures of habit, we’ll re-visit your organisation after six months and one year and document the sustained changes and resulting success.