About Alturos

Staff Engagement in Change and ImprovementFounded in 2006, Alturos Ltd is an experienced team of specialists who help organisations across a range of industry sectors to develop the skills of their staff, make better use of their resources and perform more efficiently.  Our focus is on working with the NHS in healthcare improvement.

Don’t let the term “continuous improvement” put you off. It sums up what we do clearly and it really works. Although we say it ourselves, we’re good at it: we’ll work with you to uncover your organisation’s objectives and develop tailored programmes to align your staff’s skills so that the way they perform gets you to where you want to be.

We can do this at every level. From the leaders who develop your organisation’s strategies through to the valued staff on the front line who deliver it. We’re a friendly bunch and we can really make a difference, streamlining processes, eliminating time-wasting working patterns and creating consistency.

Alturos: How We Work For You

We understand that return on investment is vital. We’ll establish with you what Good or Excellent looks like and we’ll agree together the skills gaps, procedural challenges and the key staff to be involved. We’ll also agree the criteria for you to measure our achievements. We never promise the earth but we’ll communicate clearly what is and what isn’t possible, as well as delivering on time and within your budget.

Change can be intimidating – we’re only human, after all. We’ll commit to treating all your staff members as individuals and with the utmost respect.

The Alturos Difference

To the best of our ability, we will ensure that change is sustainable. We’ll work with your organisation to create engagement, ownership and long-term commitment to the results that we achieve. We want your key staff to be able to deliver our programmes themselves, ultimately making us redundant!

Ready for a new way of thinking and doing? Keen to make a difference now and in the future? Contact us today to find out more